Transplantation and native peoples: latin american perspectives from the brazilian Amazon
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health of indigenous peoples
comparative study
Latin America
public policy

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Fernandes, E. R., & Cavalcanti, A. K. N. (2023). Transplantation and native peoples: latin american perspectives from the brazilian Amazon. Cuadernos De Educación Y Desarrollo, 15(9), 8061–8067.


This article aims to investigate the reasons behind the absence of literature on organ transplantation among native peoples in Latin America, in contrast to the extensive literature on the subject in English-speaking countries. Given the increasing incidence of chronic diseases observed among Latin American indigenous peoples, a demand for organ transplantation among indigenous peoples is anticipated compared to other national contexts. However, meeting this demand is hindered by the need for a culturally sensitive vision on the part of public managers and the need for high-complexity planning and infrastructure in these countries. Therefore, the creation of a research network in the region is proposed to monitor the problem and generate data that can pressure these countries to provide transplant services to native peoples, with protocols that respect indigenous forms of consent, maintenance of fluids and organs, traditional knowledge, eschatology, and cosmology.
PDF (Português (Brasil))


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